Thursday, January 14, 2021


Did you know???

2.6 billion People do not have access to modern day toilets. 980 million children were out of a toilet at their home according to WHO and UNICEF. That’s nearly 40% of the world’s population that we are talking about, lacking the proper resources, and access to proper toilets.  These conditions leave people but most importantly Children vulnerable to a range of health risks.

If the trend continues, there will still be 2.4 billion people with the same basic sanitation that they have been dealing with for so many years.  Children of course will be the ones paying the price dying, missing school, disease, and poverty.


What are the proper ways of sanitation? 

The proper way to sanitize would be Using proper toilets and hand washing - preferably with soap - prevents the transfer of bacteria, viruses and parasites found in human excreta which otherwise contaminate water resources, soil and food. Contamination is the major issue for developing countries. 

Improving the sanitation facilities and promoting hygiene in the children’s education will benefit them, especially their health. Having separate bathroom for boys and girls, as well as having hand washing stations with soap equipped in each bathroom would help prevent contamination. For girls if there aren’t proper facilities they are withdrawn from school which takes away from their education.

Properly disposing of the waste could save a lot of lives and decrease sickness. It starts from a young age so, In order to see a change we need to be a part of the change. Focusing on sanitation is fundamental to human beings.


Together we can make a change. So make sure to use proper sanitation. Flush the toilet, Wash your hands, and pass along that message! Sanitation matters!

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