Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Halloween Safety


    Halloween should be a fun and safe night for all the ghouls and goblins, including the kids and parents. With all the costumes and tricks going around, there are dangers out there but ways to protect your family while grabbing fun treats.

    Preparing for the night is a great way to start a Happy Halloween. One way to start the prepping is to possibly find brightly colored costumes. The brighter the color, the easier it'll be for drivers to see during the night as it gets darker and the more familiar you'll be with the costume if one gets lost in a crowd to find. Mapping a trick or treating route will be beneficial to know where and how long the night will be. Make sure to grab a flashlight or glow sticks for the potentially dark neighborhoods for your own sight and the sight for any drivers to see anyone in the streets.

    Trick or treating in groups in one of the safest ways to go about the night. The bigger the group, the more eyes there are to keep an eye on kids and less of a chance there will be any strangers messing with any of the individuals in the group.

    The most important part of the night is inspecting the candy haul! Once home and ready to close the night out, always check for and trash any treats with open wrappers, broken packages and homemade goods, as they are a nice treat but not knowing what the ingredients, are make it best to trash those as well in case of any allergens or risks of potential hazards.

    Having a safety plan for Halloween definitely helps to make it less spooky of a night and keep the fun going for all the candy you can eat. We hope everyone has a great safe and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Horror of Roots and Pipes


    Have you ever had to deal with the torment of roots in your residential or commercial properties? As much as trees are aesthetically pleasing, they can often wreak havoc on lawns, sewage and water pipes, and even foundations. The bigger the tree and the more trees on a property, the more complex the root systems for the trees are. 

    Complex root systems need to find water to keep the trees above ground growing and healthy. The root systems can sense the humidity caused by pipe cracks and leaks underground and easily enter them. If left untreated, which most are until it's too late, the roots can seriously threaten your sewer system and property.

    A few signs to look for when it comes to pipes damaged by roots are slow emptying drains which can be noticeable when your toilet starts gurgling or drains very slowly when it's flushed. Toilet backups are another noticeable sign that there are roots in your pipes. If you ever smell rotten eggs or any other bad odors outside or even inside your property, then that can be damaged pipes.

    Seeking professional help can sometimes be the only help you can get if the roots have caused extensive damage to your property or pipes. If your toilet backs up, then you can always call on your favorite portable toilet rental company, 2 Pees in A Pot to help. If your plumber or contractor needs a dumpster, we can gladly recommend a company to help them out! 

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pumpkin Patch Fun


 It's October and the most popular time to get in some family fun pictures at the pumpkin patch! Below are some fun spots in and around San Antonio to get those photos and have a cute family day. 

10 spots in SATX to get pumped about

Bracken United Methodist Church20377 FM 2252
Open daily | Pro tip: Trick or treat in the patch on Sat., Oct. 22 during its Fall Festival.

Good News Pumpkin Patch1020 Old Corpus Christi Hwy.
Open daily | Pro tip: Head over to the patch for a movie on Saturday nights and other weekend events.

Helotes Hills United Methodist Church13222 Bandera Rd., Helotes
Open daily | Pro tip: Pumpkin bread will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Northwest Hills United Methodist, 7575 Tezel Rd.
Open daily | Pro tip: Visit the patch on Fri., Oct. 14 for a movie and Sat., Oct. 29 for its Fall Festival.

Oxford United Methodist Church9739 Huebner Rd.
Open daily | Pro tip: Pumpkins will be priced based on size ranging from $1-$50.

Owl Creek Farm12355 Military Dr.
Open weekends | Pro tip: Head on a haunted hike in the dark woods equipped with only a flashlight.

Traders Village San Antonio9333 SW Loop 410
Open weekends | Pro tip: Make sure to check out the 10-acre “corny” maze.

Traveling Loaves & Fishes Pumpkin Patch1602 Thousand Oaks
Open weekends | Pro tip: Opening Sat., Oct. 8, the patch will feature face painting, dress-up scarecrows, and zip lines for $5.

University United Methodist Church5084 De Zavala Rd.
Open daily | Pro tip: The patch will open on Sun., Oct. 9 at 2 p.m.

Windcrest United Methodist Church, 8101 Midcrown Dr.
Open daily | Pro tip: Check out weekend events, including a Trunk-or-Treat on Sat., Oct. 29.

Links courtesy of SATXtoday.