Thursday, October 14, 2021

Water Pollution Facts


    Water pollution is something we hear about but not brought up enough. We know that plastics in the oceans are dangerous to the sea animals and we know that oil spills is deathly to all sea life, but what are the facts of how much pollution is truly entered into the ocean daily? We did a little research and thanks to an article by, we can share some of that information.

    More than 14 billion pounds of trash is thrown into the world's oceans annually which goes back to save the turtles!!! The trash build up is so bad in the Pacific Ocean that there's a name for it, the Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex. This vortex is a collection of marine debris that estimates to be twice the size of the US and would take 67 ships, in one year, to clean up less than 1% of that trash. 

    In another article on ocean pollution by, it turns out that our laundry also pollutes the ocean. 700,000 microfibers are washed into our waterways with each load of laundry which makes up 85% of all washed up trash on the beaches. There's even trash we can't see as 70% of it ends up on the ocean floor that will never get cleaned up. There's even ocean noise pollution, definitely not something brought up when it comes to ocean trash. This noise from ships and military activity is harmful by causing cellular damage to invertebrates such as jellyfish. This can cause a food chain interruption for tuna, sharks, turtles, and other creatures!

    Water and ocean pollution is definitely alarming as it not only affects drinkable water but food for both humans and animals. Think twice the next time you pass trash on the beach!