Friday, September 25, 2020

Best practes in the safty department at your next job site

Construction sites are popping up all over the city! New builds always get me excited, it means our community is growing and more jobs are coming! We’ve got some tips to help slow the spread of COVID and keep your team not only working through this pandemic but healthy too!

1.)    Rule of thumb if you’re feeling sick – Stay home! During the pandemic we’ve learned how hard it is to gauge if and when you contracted the virus. So if you aren’t 100% it’s probably best to sit the day out to assess how you’re feeling later in the evening or if your condition has worsened. Staying home helps keep your team in tip top shape while your body gets the rest it needs to rejuvenate. 

2.)    Avoid in person meetings – Hold safety meetings via zoom or regular conference calls. No need to meet up in person with the zoom app, all you need is to log in and be added by the host. There are audio and visual options in case there is a blue print that may need to be discussed.

3.)    Wipe down equipment that is shared with other employees with disinfecting wipes or spray such as the portable restroom, dumpster, time clocks, machinery. This should be done throughout the day once one employee is done with the machine have them wipe it down prior to the next persons arrival.

These tips are great for inside office employment too. While we’re all eager to get our cities open 100% again it’s so important to continue to keep our environment as clean as possible. You can count on us here at 2 Pees in a Pot to deliver clean, pristine, units along with exceptional customer service with each and every order!

Friday, September 18, 2020


Fall is here and now is the time to get all your gear in order! Social distancing has cause a pause in huge chunk of activities, events, work places while it goes outside to play.  2 Pees in a Pot can help with keeping your environment clean and sanitary while we start opening up more and accepting more guests into our spaces. Below are 3 reasons 2 Pees in a pot’s gear should be on your shopping list!


(1)    Wash Stations / Sanitize Stations - We’ve all been hand washaholics, and we couldn’t be more proud! Wash stations are great for Military bases, School’s, restaurants, large venues, parks and any small get events.

(2)    We have several different options in regards to size of equipment. If you’re having a family friendly fall get together our Luxury and Supreme units are spacious units that can fit strollers, parents and children inside! This can help prevent people from going in and out of your personal restroom; we can deliver to your home, job site or place of business and many more locations!

(3)    Construction Site – Let us not forget about all the hard workers doing renovations, building highways, new homes, and new buildings for businesses! Many job sites require a potty for their workers, our potties come with a sanitize dispenser, 2 hooks for a tool belt or purse and 1 mirror! We also offer the best ventilation and customer service on the market!

So call us for all your fall projects and we can deliver you wash stations, potties, holding tanks, sanitize stations and help prevent the spread while we celebrate Fall the best season of the All!