Thursday, January 21, 2021

Odor Control in a Potty

No one likes to walk in a bathroom that smells like last night's dinner . Gross!! 
Especially when its a Porta Potty , the first facial reaction or reaction in general is YUCK! 
The great thing is that there are so many ways that the odor can be controlled.

Here with 2 Pee's in a Pot we take every precautionary measure to make sure that all our potties are cleaned with our 10 step service that we provide with every delivery. 
One of the main things that we use to make sure that the odor is controlled is a product called J-Disks, which are product enhancers. They come in different smells as well. They were created to be biodegradable and to help provide a long lasting smell for not only the potties but toilets as well. 

Steps to follow to keep that Odor down would be:

1) Make sure that every unit (Port-a-potty) has a cleaning tablet.
2)Make sure to stay up on the stock. Potties are SUPPOSE to be cleaned frequently especially because typically more then one person is using it. 
3)Air out your potties: Yes the first incline is to shut it and close it out until the funk from your rump has cleared, but let me let you in on a secret. When you crop dust someone you don't put it in a jar and savor the moment, you let it rip and move along. That applies to this as well!!! 
4)Make sure to focus on the touch points with your potties. Everyone and their mother are going to be using the porta potty. So what we mean by touch points is focusing on whats being touched the most: the door, the toilet, toilet paper holder, paper towel holder, sanitizing station. All of these are extremely important to focus on especially since we are still dealing with this pandemic COVID. It ensures our safety as a company and your safety as our future customer. 

When your in need of a Stall you know who to call. 1 service a week within A 28 day rental cycle! We use a 10 step cleaning process! Not to mention we got not 1 ply, but 2 Ply toilet paper, a mirror, a double hook as well as a hand sanitizing station. Call us or checkout our website to Pee for yourself! (210)-441-2121

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