Thursday, November 19, 2020

Elite Trailer or Potty?


Special occasions are typically few and far in between, and we’re here to help keep you and your guest at ease with our Temporary Toilets! Whether it is your Child's 16th Birthday party or your Wedding day we definitely have the right gear for your rear!


Our Deluxe units are perfect for any event, they’re equipped with the best ventilation on the market, a mirror and 2 hooks (perfect for purses or diaper bags) a hand sanitize dispenser and of course 2 ply toilet paper is delivered with each potty. This unit is made 6 inches larger than the normal potty and conveniently has the urinal facing away from the seat to help prevent cross contamination! This is for sure will please your crowd as it is delivered with everything you need for a small gathering!


Our Elite Trailer is a Bad Mama Jama is equipped with all the bells and whistles! Perfect for any Bride for her special day! This is a 4 station restroom trailer and its soft interior colors and spacious floor design will create a wonderful experience for all guests with LED lighting inside and out, Corian counter tops, metered chrome faucets. Our Trailers also offer AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment package that allows the event planner, bride, or guest of honor to play their choice of music wirelessly from their mobile device into the trailer. Ceiling mounted speakers are out of sight, and provide full, rich sound.

Have your guests minds blown by ordering your temporary Throne for none other than us here at your Local 2 Pees in a Pot!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Spotty Potty?

Not a chance with 2 Pees in a Pot! We’ve got a 10 step cleaning process! This process addresses every aspect inside of the restroom as well as the front of the door. We do this by disinfecting, scrubbing if necessary and a through wipe down to start fresh. We will install air fresheners, 2 rolls of 2 ply toilet paper, replenish the sanitizer liquid and the blue water with 7 gallons every service.

Thank your guest this Thanksgiving by ordering your potty from your local 2 Pees in a Pot! Our potties are a perfect add on to any Fall Festival, you can relax and enjoy your party without having to worry about your potty looking spotty! Our sleek modern units are equipped with the best ventilation offered on the market, a mirror and 2 hooks, and what makes this deal so special is all of our units have hand sanitizer dispensers inside! Our Deluxe option has the urinal facing away from the seat to prevent contamination of the area and is specifically made 6 inches larger than the standard potty. This unit also is delivered with 2 hooks and a mirror.

                                              DELUXE                               SUPREME

Looking for something more spacious or needing an ADA Compliant unit, no worries we got your back with that! Our Luxury unit is not only family friendly and vary spacious for guests with small children it is also wheelchair accessible, while our Supreme is ADA Compliant.

 So when you’re ordering all your Holiday gear, don’t forget about the rears! Call us now to place your order today!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Calling every-potty! Portable restroom do’s and don’ts

 The port-a-potty on site is typically the number one spot for all the number two jobs, and we all know that when we gotta go, we gotta go!  Have you ever waited entirely too long to use the port-a-potty at a family get together, tailgate, back yard BBQ or concert only to open the doors to a dirty portable restroom experience? We’ve got some tips to help keep you and your guests / workers hinny shiny!

1.)    Try leaving the potty in better shape than you found it. When you walk into a clean potty, it’s more of a surprise than you would anticipate; entering into a clean potty helps you feel more sanitary and hopefully your guests will follow suit. If you’re the host, maybe post a sign as to how you would like your potty treated, ex: Please, Only Toilet Paper in the tank or Make sure to sanitize before leaving. Maybe even a: Thank you for helping us keep our potty from looking spotty.

2.)    No Cutting! We all hate the line, some of us end up doing the potty dance but the line is sometimes unavoidable, if you’re the host in this situation ensure you have enough potties to cover the amount of guests at your event. It’s not polite to skip the line all guests should be mind full of each other and the potties at use.

3.)    Get your business done in a timely manner; this will also help with the long line. The restroom is a common area to linger on the phone texting, reading a book or even just getting away from the crowd for a bit, but this isn’t the case for a portable restroom. Be courteous to others by getting in keeping it clean and ready for the next user.

Here at 2 Pees in a Pot we offer a 10 step servicing that addresses every aspect inside and outside the potty including the front door. Following the steps above will most definitely help maintain the integrity of your potty in between services.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Does plastic effect our environment?


Plastics are a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable to create different shapes. Because plastic is not a natural resource it can take several years to decompose.

The decomposition of plastic is said to take anywhere from 10 - 1,000 years to decompose and because only 23% of plastic is recycled in the United States it leaves a lot of room for plastic pollution. Plastic pollution causes harm to humans, animals and plants through toxic pollutants and the damage to our environment are long-lasting. This affects organisms in the food chain from tiny species like plankton to whales. Over 1 million marine animals (including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles and birds are killed each year due to plastic debris found in the ocean.

Currently there are 100 million tons of plastic in oceans around the world as well as micro plastics, including streams, rivers, lakes and oceans making it easier to find in the water we drink and the fish we eat. Not disposing the plastic like reusable plastic bags and other debris properly can also create blockages to our storm drains and culverts and impeding the flow of water and worsening bank erosion..

Check up with the triple R Check list to help keep our environment clean:  Can I REDUCE the use of this material and how? Is this item REUSABLE? Can I RECYCLE this item?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tips on staying organized this Holiday season

It’s that time of year to start planning for the Holidays! We all have lived the most interesting year thus far with the pandemic of 2020. As time has passed families have become more comfortable with small gatherings at home. We’re already Mid October, before we know it Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be gone and we will be ringing in the New Year with lots and lots of cheer for 2021! We have tips on how to stay organized this holiday season!

First things first, focus on what the holidays mean to you and yours, what traditions are you typically looking forward to that the pandemic is not affecting. For example, our family has a pumpkin carving party every year before Halloween; we crank up the spooky tunes and carve away. For us the head count is about 12 this includes the kiddos and parents so we are moving forward with this event this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a bit more extravagant and we may have to make other arrangements this year to minimize the amount of people invited. Once you have an idea of what cheer to provide this Holiday season you can start making your arrangements.

You can tackle many small tasks before the month is over; pre-writing and stamping holiday cards is a great way to be ahead of the game, if you have free time get your cards and list together now to start his process and mail them out the last week of November to ensure the people they’re headed to can get them in time.

If you plan on having a small get together, look into ordering a port-a-potty or wash station for extra sanitary purpose. This will help at any type of gathering, we provide a hand sanitizer dispenser in all our units, now your guests will have another location to do the doo and they’ll be able to stay sanitary! If you don’t need a potty, the wash stations are great (this option will be perfect for our pumpkin carving party) If the gathering is outside, place them on both sides of the property to attract more people to utilize them, they’re equipped with paper towels, soap and water!

Gift giver? Set up a gift wrapping area. Clear off your coffee table and set yourself up with all the things you’ll need so you can wrap as you shop! If you have an old empty box you can fill it you’re your new or unused paper form years before get your bow, ribbon, tape and tags ready at your station and now you don’t have to worry about lugging your baby elf station back and forth.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, having down time to spend with your local family and friends are such a great way to celebrate the Holidays. Try to ensure time for you this season as this pandemic has kept us away from each other most of this year. Don’t stress about extravagant gifts and parties, this year has been tough enough on us, time is free and it’s the perfect gift to give to someone you’ve been missing!  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Halloween 2020 Block Party!

Let’s “creep” it real, 2020 has not been the year of all years! It has however, had us thinking outside the box when it comes to celebrations and holidays! Have you been to a drive-by baby shower or birthday party or maybe even hosted your own birthday parade this year?! Super fun and cute way to make sure no one feels left out because of these uncontrollable circumstances, also what a great story to tell when you’re older! Imagine hearing someone say “Well I had a parade for my Birthday in 2020!”  See what I mean? We’ll we’ve got a way to keep the distance and treat the kiddos to some outdoor fun this Halloween!


A block party is essentially a street party orchestrated by the residents of a city block or neighborhood. It’s early October, if you have an HOA call and inquire about a block party for Halloween! If they ask what you have in mind ensure that it is definitely within CDC guidelines and possible to stay 6 feet apart from each family and if your kiddos are anything like my Spider-Man loving 4 year old or my Fortnite loving 9 year old they'll be prepared with a mask already! To make things easy for the neighborhood, delegate tasks! This will ensure no mixture of germs from house to house. For example, to bring some fun to the party have a karaoke station where someone cleans the microphone off after each turn and have 5 dancers at a time do a dance off for a fun and spooky treat! Home owners can keep their distance in their front yards and BBQ in the front for dinner and pass out store bought drinks. You can also keep your candy bowl full and place them at the nearest side walk.

Potties on the corner of the streets along with wash stations are a wonderful idea to keep the block healthy and sanitary! Call to receive your free quote today or place your order! I can assure you there’s nothing spooky about our potties! 210-951-5151

Friday, September 25, 2020

Best practes in the safty department at your next job site

Construction sites are popping up all over the city! New builds always get me excited, it means our community is growing and more jobs are coming! We’ve got some tips to help slow the spread of COVID and keep your team not only working through this pandemic but healthy too!

1.)    Rule of thumb if you’re feeling sick – Stay home! During the pandemic we’ve learned how hard it is to gauge if and when you contracted the virus. So if you aren’t 100% it’s probably best to sit the day out to assess how you’re feeling later in the evening or if your condition has worsened. Staying home helps keep your team in tip top shape while your body gets the rest it needs to rejuvenate. 

2.)    Avoid in person meetings – Hold safety meetings via zoom or regular conference calls. No need to meet up in person with the zoom app, all you need is to log in and be added by the host. There are audio and visual options in case there is a blue print that may need to be discussed.

3.)    Wipe down equipment that is shared with other employees with disinfecting wipes or spray such as the portable restroom, dumpster, time clocks, machinery. This should be done throughout the day once one employee is done with the machine have them wipe it down prior to the next persons arrival.

These tips are great for inside office employment too. While we’re all eager to get our cities open 100% again it’s so important to continue to keep our environment as clean as possible. You can count on us here at 2 Pees in a Pot to deliver clean, pristine, units along with exceptional customer service with each and every order!

Friday, September 18, 2020


Fall is here and now is the time to get all your gear in order! Social distancing has cause a pause in huge chunk of activities, events, work places while it goes outside to play.  2 Pees in a Pot can help with keeping your environment clean and sanitary while we start opening up more and accepting more guests into our spaces. Below are 3 reasons 2 Pees in a pot’s gear should be on your shopping list!


(1)    Wash Stations / Sanitize Stations - We’ve all been hand washaholics, and we couldn’t be more proud! Wash stations are great for Military bases, School’s, restaurants, large venues, parks and any small get events.

(2)    We have several different options in regards to size of equipment. If you’re having a family friendly fall get together our Luxury and Supreme units are spacious units that can fit strollers, parents and children inside! This can help prevent people from going in and out of your personal restroom; we can deliver to your home, job site or place of business and many more locations!

(3)    Construction Site – Let us not forget about all the hard workers doing renovations, building highways, new homes, and new buildings for businesses! Many job sites require a potty for their workers, our potties come with a sanitize dispenser, 2 hooks for a tool belt or purse and 1 mirror! We also offer the best ventilation and customer service on the market!

So call us for all your fall projects and we can deliver you wash stations, potties, holding tanks, sanitize stations and help prevent the spread while we celebrate Fall the best season of the All!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pollution and the effects it has on our planet, bodies and animals

You may be wondering what exactly is pollution; pollution is caused by solid and liquid particles and certain gases that are suspended in the air. These particles and gases can come anywhere from a truck exhaust to wildfires. There are several different types of pollution including but not limited to: air, water, soil, light, noise, radioactive, and environmental pollution.

For example the burning of fossil fuels contributes to the formation of smog; smog is a layer of particulate matter that hangs like a cloud over many major cities and industrial zones. This affects our bodies as we inhale what is lingering in the air which could cause future respiratory problems such as asthma or chronicle bronchitis. Not disposing of trash properly in a recycling or trash receptacle can also cause not only air pollution but water pollution as well.

We’ve got some ways we can help:

  • ·        Reduce the amount of trips we make in the car, this can help minimize the amount of smog in the air.
  • ·        Throw trash away in proper receptacles and recycle when you can! This will also help with conserving resources.
  • ·        Stop littering, or pick up during your daily stroll. Trash not put in the proper receptacle bins can harm our animals on dry and wet land and create problems within their food chains.
  • ·        Grease, cleaning supplies, medication, and garbage should not be poured / thrown down the kitchen sink or flushed down the toilet as this can create water pollution.

Remember recycling and the reuse of products is the best way to reduce waste not to mention save some of that money in your wallet! 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

ADA Compliant? What exactly does that mean?

ADA Compliant also known as The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was signed into law on July 26, 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. This is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on a disability. This act affords similar protections against discrimination to Americans with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which made discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, and other characteristics illegal.

Our ADA Compliant Supreme Port-a-Potty rentals are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with special needs, equipped with a patented flat-floor system and grab bars to be used as extra support and for the safety of our customers. These units also provide an enlarged cabin that is a go –to for families with small children who still need assistance in the restroom.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires, at a minimum, 5% and no less than one handicap-access unit in each port-a-potty location so that attendees with disabilities can have proper accommodations. For job sites, we recommend (1) ADA Compliant toilet per (10) employees over a (40) hour work week.

Supreme Specifications:
·        Height: 90.5” (2298.7mm)
·        Width: 66” (1676.4mm)
·        Depth: 86.5” (2197mm)
·        Tank Volume: 35 gal. (132.5L ADA Compliant)
·        Seat height: 18.5” (469.9mm)
·        Weight: 310 lbs. (141kg)

With our 28 Day rental cycle and 10 step servicing you can be assured to receive not only a High-End quality of equipment but the knowledge and customer service you deserve.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

5 Reason you may need a Portable Restroom

During World War II in the 1960s the “Polyethylene plastic portable restroom” was invented by a gentleman named George Harding. There are even records of portable toilet usage over hundreds of years ago in England! For such a stinky business, it has turned into a million dollar industry. Did you know over 45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually through the use of portable restrooms? Certainly inspires us to look at them in a different light. We’ve got 5 reasons you may need to rent a portable restroom.

1.      To avoid a line, it’s true the line at a potty… sorry Party is dreadful! If your having an even that has 50 + people with limited bathrooms, you may want some extra potties to avoid lines!
2.      Messes! Don’t stress avoid the mess!!! We’ve all been in a portable restroom that is screaming clean me!! ANYONE! Let’s get real the bathroom is the least favorite place we all like to clean and with our 10 step cleaning process, you can rest assured your potty will be tip-top shape if you’ve ordered from
3.      Foot traffic, depending on the location, event, or job site you’re at having portable restroom easily accessible and available is key! This prevents large foot traffic at weddings, concerts and job sites with limited space.
4.      Water conserver! We use more water flushing the toilet than we do on showering or any other activity. That’s right we covered this a bit up top, but if you’re looking to save on some water usage, a potty can be super helpful with that. Our potties are rented as a 28 day rental cycle with 1 service each week with in that 28 day rental cycle. Imagine what you can save with a potty in the back yard!
5.      Prevents accidents! If there is one thing we can all agree on its: If you’ve gotta go, you gotta go! At an event that is family friendly accidents are prone to happen. ADA and Family friendly units are also available to rent and with them conveniently spread throughout your guest are sure to make it to the nearest throne!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Staying social during social distancing!

While there are a lot of people that are living for social distancing some people are lacking the interaction we all take for granted in our everyday life. While practicing social distancing we are helping slow the spread of COVID-19 so it is very important to take the guidance given by the ones in charge of your area. We’ve come up with some way to stay social during social distancing!

  • ·        It’s year 2020 a lot of us are prone to using social media! During a time like this those outlets are thriving! Now is the time to utilize things like video chat, face book, twitter, snapchat, and instagram! Schedule a time to call your friends and family to catch up! These tools not only keep you in touch with your family and friends, they also keep you in the know for all updated important news!
  • ·        Exercise! Many health gurus have started virtual classes to help the gym goers stay motivated! If you enjoy exercising at your own pace try taking this time to talk a stroll or run in the neighborhood!
  • ·        Actually hang out with your family / roommates. When was the last time you had free time to allot to the ones you wanted to spend your precious time with? Take advantage of the time at home and do things you don’t normally have the chance to enjoy. Pick a project or game the whole family can put their hands on like a puzzle, or planting a garden.
  • ·        If your practicing social distancing and still working at the office or at home, think of ways that keep your business / home within the social distancing guidelines and how you can prevent spreading germs and bacteria. Maybe a portable toilet outside the building would benefit keeping outsiders from using the facilities inside.

So stay social, and if you decide to get your creative juice flowing, share your ideas with us! Follow us on social media and #2PIAP or #BTDTSA if all your social distancing projects!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Tips on staying sanitary and clean through COVID-19

Many of us are having to make different arrangements in regards to staying sanitary and healthy as well as learning what social distancing is and how it can make a difference through this time. If you have the option to still go into the workplace or even if you’ve been sent home to begin your STAYCATION, Below are some ways you can stay on top of not only keeping your body sanitary and clean, but keeping your mind sane!

1.)    Wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face and eyes. This is a hard task to conquer as we really aren’t aware how many times we do this until we need to minimize this habit. See for more information
2.)    Disinfect your personal space and your work space at the beginning and end of the day for not only a fresh start but a clean ending of your day!
3.)    Load up on vitamins and lots of water! Taking extra Vitamin C and zinc will help boost your immune system and can help with flushing the germs out of your system before they make you sick.
4.)    Avoid communal snacks like cookies, chips, dips, and candies. Instead bring personal snacks just in case your co-workers are not being as careful with washing up.
5.)    If your line of business is still up and running see how ordering a port-a-potty, wash station, or sanitize station can help prevent the spread of germs from the outsiders that may enter your offices.

Lastly, keep your stress levels as low as possible. At a time like this, it is easy to allow stress to run our emotions, it’s important to remember stress can weaken your immune systems, leaving you more vulnerable to viral infections and frequent illnesses. If you’re at home looking for something proactive to do visit for some great ideas!

Did you know here at 2PIAP we are COVID-19 friendly? What this means to our customers is you can inquire, place an order, make payments, request removal, and have units serviced or picked up without any face to face contact. Call us to schedule your next potty delivery.