Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Franchise Opportunities


    Being your own boss seems to be the goal these days and we strongly encourage it! We are looking for new faces of 2 Pees In A Pot who are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service in a dirty business. 

    2 Pees In A Pot is growing quickly and ready to spread to a city near you. If you're ready to bring the franchise to your community to provide great customer service, add to the economy of your area, then apply for a free consultation today! We want our franchisees to succeed and will help get you on an equipment rental roll!

Monday, May 29, 2023

Happy Memorial Day


    As a country, we know Memorial day as a day to honor and mourn those who died in battle while serving in the U.S Military. There is much history behind Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May, that some of us do not know about and was presented by History Channel. 

    Before it was Memorial Day, Americans celebrated Decoration Day in the years following the Civil War. In 1971, it was officially named a federal holiday observed by Americans by visiting cemeteries or memorials and holding family gatherings or participating in parades. Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the summer season.

    The Civil War claimed more lives than any other conflict in U.S history requiring and establishing the first national cemeteries, which then encouraged Americans from all over to hold tributes in Spring for fallen soldiers by decorating their graves with flowers and holding prayers for them. This tradition began in 1865 and was named by General John A. Logan in 1868 as Decoration Day to be held on May 30th every year. He chose that date as it was not the anniversary of any battle. 
    As the United States started seeing itself in more conflicts throughout history, Decoration Day shifted from only honoring those who died during the Civil War to honoring those who died in all wars and later known as Memorial Day. In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act that established Memorial day to be the last Monday in May to purposely create a three day weekend for federal employees which went into effect in 1971.

    Unofficially marking the beginning of Summer, Memorial Day is celebrated by honoring our fallen heros with barbeques, parties, visiting cemeteries and memorials. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Do You Remember 2 Years Ago?

    This time two years ago, San Antonio, Tx, along with other parts of Texas, was hit with an intense winter storm. The last time San Antonio saw snow like that was back on January 12, 1985 with a record breaking 13.5 inches of snow. After that fact, 'snovid' didn't seem that bad, except for the hours, days, and weeks with no electricity or plumbing for most!

    San Antonio received between three to four inches of snow the first night, with some areas receiving as much as six inches of snow. As snow melts, it forms ice, causing hazardous conditions that left a lot of people stranded or shut in their homes out of fear of being stranded.  Temperatures remained in the 20's days after the two days of snow and the freezing conditions continued. Texas was definitely not prepared for the fierce snowstorm that shook us. 

    We managed to weather the storm and come through strong, but across all of San Antonio, and other parts of Texas, were still dealing with power outages, water that had yet to be restored in homes and buildings, food shortages due to trucks with store stocks not able to drive on the highways, homes that suffered busted pipes and flooding inside the dwellings and businesses. It was a tough time for so many people post the storm.

    We have yet to experience those conditions this year and we are not complaining. However, it's always great to have a reminder how to better prepare for the next winter storm, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Seek shelter immediately.
  • Make sure that you have an adequate amount of water at home, just in case pipes freeze or burst.
  • Purchase non perishable items (peanut butter, jelly ,crackers, bread, chips, etc.)
  • Make sure to charge all electrical items that can be of use to you in case the power goes out. 
  • Gather towels and blankets to ensure that you and your family are warm. 
  • Make sure that you have flashlights, First Aid kits, AM/FM radio.
  • Stay in place (stick to one room, to ensure that everyone stays together and warm.)
  • If your pipes do burst, 2PIAP is only a call away, 210-951-5151

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

From One Event to the Next

    We bet you've never considered why 2 Pees In a Pot San Antonio and the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off go together. Whether you're cooking the BBQ or getting ready to stew the potty, you always hope everything comes out great!

    2PIAP is no stranger to big events and being able to help out our friends at the Cook-Off was an amazing start to the new year! We were able to delivery a load of potties and brought out the amazing Elite Trailer. We hope you enjoyed using the amenities and can't wait to do it again!

    This month will be filled with exciting adventures. We get to head to the Indiana Convention Center to learn more about the ins and outs of Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport. Our continued learning allows us to give you the best service we could possibly give.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Are You Ready to Rodeo?


       February is an exciting time for the city of San Antonio when the rodeo makes its way through. It brings great entertainment, with excellent shopping, real cowboys and fun foods! There's fun for all ages and even a carnival set up. You can find all of this in the Freeman Coliseum and AT&T parking lot.

    It's a fun experience if you have never been and if you have, it's always fun to return. With your attendance to different rodeo events, you are supporting different causes and scholarships that the rodeo helps to sponsor. The American agricultural industry depends on the continued success of education and the SA Stock Show and Rodeo supports Texas youth by providing a venue for their agricultural and livestock projects to encourage 4-H and FFA students to continue their interests in college. Since 1984, the SA-Rodeo has been able to provide over $243 million in scholarships, and those funds continue to grow every year with the event. Most of the vendors that have booths for shopping are those of the farming or hand making products community. With every purchase you're helping the agricultural economy and small businesses. At one point some of these vendors were also scholarship recipients. 

    The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is an amazing event for so many reasons and gives back to the community, so don't miss out on the two week long event from February 9-26. We almost forgot to mention that your most trusted potty slanging 2 Pees In A Pot will also be in attendance with our Elite Trailer to have your behind covered!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Rolling Into 2023 Like Toilet Paper


    New Year, new you on your mind? Perfect, we have a new adventure we'd love for you to roll with. 2 Pees In A Pot is ready to come to a city near you and we want you to operate the next location!

    Operating a 2PIAP location means changing the stigma of the portable toilet business by presenting to customers (made up of homeowners, contractors, businesses, venues, local events, etc.) a clean, great smelling, fully stocked porta-potty that they will not hesitate to do their business in again! 

    This is an opportunity to become part of your community by being a locally owned small business that can provide new jobs and new economic growth. If you're ready for the responsibility, we are ready for you!

    Help us flush out the the nationally owned big names and make an impact in your area today! For serious inquiries to this amazing journey, check out our site and let us know!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Ready to Flush 2022

      We can't believe it either. Another year is about to pass us by and no better thing to do than celebrate! San Antonio has a lot of events in and around the city that are adult only or family friendly. We took the time to list a few but for a bigger list of fun, check out   

  • New Year’s Eve at Howl at the Moon San Antonio! Their packages offer you and your friends everything you need to kiss 2022 goodbye and start the New Year having a blast. On New Year's Eve starting at 7 pm until 2 am Sunday, you can celebrate with different packages to suit your party style starting at only $40!
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be doing a New Year's Eve fireworks show at 9 pm to help celebrate. This will be a great night out for the whole family. If you are not a season pass holder, tickets start at just $44.99 a person.
  • The Leon Valley Public Library will be hosting a couple of hours of daytime fun catered to the kids. There will be games, crafts and juice to toast at noon. The best part is the event is free and will be from 10 am until 12:30 pm on Saturday, December 31.
    There will be so many more events throughout the city, we hope you have a fun and safe celebration and we will be with you in the new year of 2023. Our resolution is to continue providing you with the same friendly dumpster rental service in town!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Franchise Opportunities

     2 Pees In A Pot is a family owned portable toilet business ready to expand across the nation. We are looking for individuals with a great work ethic, business oriented, and ready to make an impact for the ones and twos in your community. If you think you have what it takes to venture out and run your own business, apply here to get started today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Hard Freeze Protection


    As much as we love renting our portable toilets to homeowners, it is unfortunate to find out a potty is needed because of busted pipes. Pipes are prone to cracking during hard freezes and with Winter in full swing, it's only a matter of time before we get a freeze blowing in. Below are some tips to help prepare your home.

  •     Opening your cabinets where there are faucets is very helpful to keep your pipes warm. Also, allow the faucets to drip water so there's a continuing flow through the pipes to avoid it freezing over.
  • Disconnect any water hoses from their faucets on the outside of the home and cover the faucet with rags, towels, plastic foam, etc. to keep them protected from the freeze. You can also add pipe insulation to protect the pipe going to the faucet.
  • If your home's foundation has any vents, cover those up to keep the cold air out.
    If you do experience frozen pipes, leave the water spout open and wait for them to thaw. If there is access to the pipes, you can apply low heat to help defrost them. If your pipe happens to break or crack, turn the main water valve off and call a plumber. Don't forget to call us too if it's an unfortunate long time fix. We're always here to help.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Winter Ready?


    Christmas is around the corner and the kids are about to start Christmas break from school, so there's no better time than now to get some of those house projects done. Winter prepping your home is probably the last thing on your mind right now but it should definitely be considered before it gets too cold.

    The best place to start a winter preparation for you home is the attic. Take a look at the insulation, make sure everything is up to date and notice any parts that may need to be replaced. Proper insulation will help keep heat in and your electric bill down. Also, look around any attic windows, if you can get to them, make sure they are still properly sealed. If not, a little caulking around the trim can help with any drafts coming through.

    While the caulking is out, take a walk around the house and inspect the windows and doors for any drafts coming in from the outside. You can also caulk around those trims to help the rest of the house stay warm. You can also put more weather stripping around those drafty areas that aren't too wide and it looks a little nicer than caulking.

    Another easy fix is to check your smoke detectors. There's nothing more annoying than being woke up in the middle of the night by that daunting beep. It always happens at night too. You should safely check your smoke detector batteries at least every six months. With the heat being turned up and fireplaces going, there's no reason you shouldn't want to make sure you're fire ready.

    These were only a few steps for you to do to your home to prep it for the winter. There are so many others including having faucet covers ready for those hard freezes, plant coverings to help your greenery survive, and a little hot chocolate in the pantry wouldn't hurt. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Competitive Player

     Are you ready for a great deal in the portable potty world? We are ready to offer you the best portable toilet service at a great price! 2PIAP-SA is locally owned and operated allowing us to offer our community the best deal compared to the nationally known portable toilet services.

    From now until the end of the year, if you can prove that you were once utilizing a competing portable toilet service, we are ready to offer you 25% off your first month of service on 1 standard unit! 

    For existing and new customers, if you order 2 standard units, you can get 50% off one of our hand washing stations!

    These are deals you cannot miss! Call our office now for the best rates and possible delivery dates, we might even be able to get your portable toilet to you today!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Benefits of Renting Locally



    There are over dozens of portable toilet rental services in San Antonio, but how many are actually locally owned and operated by a family and employees already living in the in city? It should be comforting to know that the business you're trusting with your potty needs for a construction project, at your home because of a plumbing issue, or even for a great party or event you're hosting. We'll give you 4 good reasons why it's better to rent local.

    Having employees that are familiar with the city you are renting in helps ensure that they can give you the best idea of delivery time and are familiar with the areas in which you need your rental. You can depend on the delivery drivers to also be familiar with any possible back roads in the case of traffic or real time updates as to when your rental will arrive or be serviced for your convenience.

    The possibility of same day service is always an option! Depending on the schedule for the day or man power, there's always the ability to "squeeze one more on" throughout the day. With a driver on the road and customer service readily available to dispatch, the driver might be passing your area anyways making it possible to service or deliver your potty.

    The chance to build a relationship with the 2 Pees In A Pot family. It's always fun to get to know the company you're trusting with your "personal business". Working with a locally owned small business gives you the comfort of familiar voices and faces of those who are going to answer your call or deliver and service your potty.

    There's a home office you can actually visit if there is ever the necessity to. Not that you'd ever want to go see where the potties are set up, but if you do ever need to see a person face to face, you can. 

    With just a few reasons why to rent locally and support a small business to benefit just you alone, there are other reasons including benefitting your local economy, helping provide jobs to your fellow citizens and helping a business grow.


Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Contractors and 2 Pees In A Pot


In San Antonio, you can bet that you’ve seen our portable toilets with the happy pees on all four sides nicely placed in a driveway or job site. You can also bet that most of these renters are contractors who rely on and choose our clean portable toilets over some of the larger companies.

Here are some of the qualities why they choose our service:

Quick Delivery Time: 2 Pees In A Pot goes above and beyond to accommodate all our renters in a timely manner. There are even occasions we can get a portable toilet to a job site the same day and if not the same day, then usually within 24 hours.

12 Step Clean and Sanitizing Process: Whether the rental is at an event, in a driveway or on a job site, our Delivery Experts have a 12 step process to make sure our toilets are clean, stocked with hand sanitizer, have more than enough blue fluids in the pot and smell amazing!

Live Consultants: 2 Pees In A Pot does not shy away from great and prompt customer service. Consultants are phone, email and text ready to answer requests during business hours. Don’t expect to have to leave a voicemail!

No Mess Potty Removal: The last step of our delivery service is the cleaning behind the portable toilet. We take everything we left behind with us and there's never a sign there was even a highly used potty on site!

Potty Placement Requests: Some projects may have a compact area or special request for placement and our delivery experts can maneuver our compact trucks with the potties to accommodate the requested placement.

Contractors rely on 2 Pees In A Pot’s qualities for their dependable and quick service to help them get their dooty done while on duty!