Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Landfill or Dump?

    Some people use landfill and dump site as interchanging words but there really is a significant difference as to what they are and how they're operated and regulated. It's very important for our environment to carefully mind which one is used and how. Landfills are strictly designed and regulated by the government. Dump sites are big holes in the ground used to bury waste not regulated by the government and can be hazardous to any surrounding areas.

    Before a company can open a Landfill on a site, the site itself has to go through rigorous studies to determine if there will be an environmental impact on the surrounding area, how much land is needed, ground water testing and water tables, if there are any historical and archeological values to the site, and proceed by following all local regulations put in place for the site itself. The other most important requirement for a landfill is to line the area with a heavy duty liner made of reinforced plastics to keep any liquid waste from penetrating the ground causing hazards to any water supplies or earth. Once all regulations are set in place the dumping begins. Every truck load of waste is compacted by bulldozers to eliminate air space and allowing more waste to be dumped. The site is then covered with layers of soil daily to prevent pests from entering and smells from exiting the site. This process repeats for years until the site reaches its max and is closed down. The site is then monitored for another 30 or more years to make sure there are no environmental hazards and can be eventually turned into a useable piece of land such as a park. 

    Dump sites have a less rigorous process as they are not regulated by any government. They are simply large excavated areas used to dump trash and waste. Dumps are more commonly found in rural areas but can really be found anywhere and typically are not controlled with the layering of soils to keep smells and pests away. They tend to be hazardous to groundwater systems as they lack the regulated liner at the bottom of the site to avoid any seepage of liquid waste. Because of such hazards, dumps are considered illegal but there might be a dump site here or there that does slip through the cracks.

    The next time you interchange the words 'landfill' and 'dump', remember that hazards can come with the sites themselves. Always use your better judgment and avoid creating your own dump site, stick with landfills and keep your environment clean and healthy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

June is the New Fiesta in San Antonio

    There's tons of history in San Antonio, TX ranging from the five missions, including San Jose, San Juan, Concepcion, Espada and the infamous Alamo to one of the largest MLK marches in the U.S and finally, Fiesta! What is so historical about Fiesta? It's just a huge party, right? Yes, but there's so much more to this huge party! The history of all the events that total Fiesta is quite amusing and all having meaning for both the event itself and for San Antonio.

    The Battle of Flowers is the largest parade in San Antonio, the second largest parade in the nation and the only parade in the country to be planned and directed by only women. This parade brings groups from all over the nation to march and represent themselves to San Antonio. How did it start? With more than 125 years of tradition, the first Battle of Flowers was hosted by a group of citizens in 1891 to honor those who bravely fought in the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. In horse drawn carriages, heavily flower decorated bikes and floats the citizens threw blossoms and flowers at each other. This event became so popular that every year more events were added to the line up taking place in the month of April.

    There are so many events that take place during Fiesta, 10 main events in 10 days and then followed by 100 other events that have grown within it. These events are sponsored by nonprofit organizations that earn money for scholarships, rejuvenation projects to keep the city's downtown historical buildings and cultural heritage maintained, including the San Antonio River.

    For more information and in depth details on the History of Fiesta in San Antonio or to purchase tickets for Fiesta events, please visit You can also find the option to donate to the Fiesta San Antonio Foundation on the website that helps go to the planning and money distribution of the Fiesta events. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What is Memorial Day?

    As a country, we know Memorial day as a day to honor and mourn those who died in battle while serving in the U.S Military. There is much history behind Memorial Day, celebrated on the last Monday in May, that some of us do not know about and was presented by History Channel. 

    Before it was Memorial Day, Americans celebrated Decoration Day in the years following the Civil War. In 1971, it was officially named a federal holiday observed by Americans by visiting cemeteries or memorials and holding family gatherings or participating in parades. Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the summer season.

    The Civil War claimed more lives than any other conflict in U.S history requiring and establishing the first national cemeteries, which then encouraged Americans from all over to hold tributes in Spring for fallen soldiers by decorating their graves with flowers and holding prayers for them. This tradition began in 1865 and was named by General John A. Logan in 1868 as Decoration Day to be held on May 30th every year. He chose that date as it was not the anniversary of any battle. 
    As the United States started seeing itself in more conflicts throughout history, Decoration Day shifted from only honoring those who died during the Civil War to honoring those who died in all wars and later known as Memorial Day. In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act that established Memorial day to be the last Monday in May to purposely create a three day weekend for federal employees which went into effect in 1971.

    Unofficially marking the beginning of Summer, Memorial Day is celebrated by honoring our fallen heros with barbeques, parties, visiting cemeteries and memorials. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sanitation Station

    Returning to normalcy from a year and a half of quarantine and Covid policies is a relief but we're not completely safe yet! Don't forget the importance of continuous sanitation, which is an always policy. At 2 Pees in a Pot, we know the importance of sanitation and not spreading germs, especially after using the restroom or one of our wonderful and clean portable toilet rentals. 

    We offer wash station rentals equipped with paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer. We just hook it up to the closest water hose and you pump the water out of the faucet with a foot pedal. This helps you stay completely hands free post hand washing!

    Our toilet rentals come equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and are sanitized once dropped off. Our drivers make sure the toilet rental is completely wiped down with sanitizing product and ensure the sanitizer dispenser is filled with hand sanitizer, along with fresh rolls of toilet paper.

    The Elite Trailer rental is a gorgeous four stall restroom, two stalls for men and women, with wood floors, mirror, decor and running water for the soap provider. This rental is also sanitized with drop off by our driver and is a perfect rental for weddings, or elegant event!

    2 Pees in a Pot guarantees sanitized rentals before, during and after Covid policies begin to lift. We want nothing more than our customers and people all over to stay safe and healthy! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Importance of Shopping Locally

    It's been quite a popular topic lately, 'support and buy locally', 'stop using corporations', 'give your local vendors your business'! Before Walmart, Target or even Amazon, what did we do? We bought from our local farmers markets, from our neighbors who could do trades others couldn't like make clothes, jewelry, landscaped, or went to our local general stores owned by someone in our community. Unfortunately, we started seeing a lot of that fade and started shopping at bigger chains where we could find items less expensive and more convenient. That's not a bad thing at all but we tend forget the benefits and importance of shopping locally. There's the environmental benefits, local economic benefits, and benefits for the community, including job retention and non profit support! 

    Large chain grocery stores, clothing stores, Amazon all use some sort of transportation to get the products in stock for your enjoyment. It's great when our product is in stock but we don't think what it took and what it did to our environment to get that product on the shelf. Planes, trains, 18 wheelers all add to the pollution! Buying locally does help reduce that because items are already available within your community and majority made in the backyard of the shop. That means less travel for everyone to get a product on the shelf. 

    Local businesses provide economic benefits to communities by providing jobs that usually have a higher retention rate. A higher job retention means employees are happy with their employers which gives a better customer experience. Who wouldn't want that?! Another benefit to shopping locally is knowing your money does go back into the community. Typically a local business has a heart for the community and neighborhood they're established in leading them to be the best donors for local non profit organizations that they believe to help continue making their neighborhood strong. If you pass a cute looking shop, would you have no temptation to walk in? Let's not forget the pride that local business owners have of their shops by providing aesthetics for the neighborhood with uniqueness to their shops. It's hard to not want to walk in! The more unique the shop, the more unique the product as well.

    The next time you pass a shop that is locally owned, just walk in, even if you don't buy anything, it will show so much respect for the owners to know that anyone had the slightest interest in what they do and bring to the neighborhood! That alone is rewarding for our local vendors, general stores, floral shops and more!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Summer Health


                                                                                    Photo credit: google image search

    Now that Summer is creeping upon us, we need to think about going outside more, being able to go to pools, events, lakes, camping, etc. The most important thought should be staying healthy and cool to get through the Summer to survive the all the fun activities.

Surviving the heat while being outdoors is important. Think about all the precautions you can take while staying active. The most common and practical step to take is drinking plenty of water. Avoid all sugary drinks that don’t provide any hydration. Also, don’t wait until you’re thirsty to get in some water. Drink constantly to avoid getting thirsty as it only leads to dehydration. Wear light clothing as in lightweight, light colored, and loose. This help sweat evaporate and keep you cooler. Try to keep exercise outside in the early mornings or later in the evenings to avoid the hottest times of the day. Try to stay in shady areas as well and if it’s too hot, take the workout inside an air-conditioned building. 

Sun safety is another important tip to keeping healthy in the Summer. The most important and most commonly expressed precaution is the use of sunscreen. It helps and works when used consistently. Using a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every two hours (before and after swimming or sweating) will help with UV protection to protect your skin. Sunglasses are the eyes sunscreen when using a dark lens that can block 99% of UV light from your eyes.

Taking basic and simple precautions during the Summer will help provide safer and longer outside time to spend with family and friends and enjoy your time in the sun. Definitely do not let your fun distract you from your health! Have a great and safe Summer!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Stage 2 Watering Rules San Antonio

                                                                           Image Credit:

Why do we go into Watering Rule Stages?

    Watering stages are put into place by our San Antonio Water System based on levels of the Edwards Aquifer. The Edwards Aquifer is a honeycombed well that provides about 2 million people in Texas drinking water and the primary water source for agriculture and industry in the aquifer's region. Water conservation is why it is important to help conserve the water funds and the watering rules go into place.

Watering Stages:

Stage 1: When the water level drops 660 feet mean sea level at the monitored well during a 10 day period, stage 1 begins. This means that watering with an irrigation, sprinkler system or soaker hose is only permitted once a week before 11 am or after 7 pm on a designated date. You can find the designated dates at

Stage 2: When the water level drops to 650 feet mean sea level at the monitored well during a 10 day period, stage 2 begins. This means watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed once a week from 7 am - 11 am or 7 pm to 11 pm on your designated date which can be found at

Stage 3:When the water level drops to 640 feet mean sea level at the monitored well during a 10 day period, stage 2 begins. This means landscape watering is allowed onle every other week from 7 am - 11 am or 7 pm to 11 pm on your designated date which can be found at

Stage 4: Restrictions are declared at the discretion of the City Manager upon a 30 day assessment following stage 3.

These ordinances are in place to align conservation goals with population growth and long-term supply strategies.

Variance Requests:

There are situations where a variance to the City's Ordinance may be requested where watering rules cannot be reasonably followed. These variance requests are carefully reviewed and are not always granted. Variances may include: New Landscape Variance, Water Fountains, Athletic Fields, Large Properties and Power Washing. To obtain a variance request go to

Currently San Antonio is under a Stage 2 water restriction. Please help our city in conserving water and only water on designated watering days provided at

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Earth Day Forever

    April 22, 2021 is known as Earth Day and is recognized by more than a billion people and celebrated by more than 140 countries according to the National Geographic. 

People celebrate Earth Day by raising awareness about environmental issues and doing their small parts to pick up trash, plant trees, limit their water usage, limit their utility usage and offer time to community projects. Even though Earth Day is on a specific day, these activities go on for a week. By practicing these activities, people hope to make a difference and spread the word to continue getting others involved to conserve our precious planet.

It’s wonderful how small a gesture can be for the Earth that can play a huge part to prevent and protect it from further damage. Here are a few facts to give a better idea of conservation by National Geographic:

  • One reusable bag can prevent the use of 600 plastic bags.
  • Recycling one can of soda will save enough energy to power a tv for three hours.
  • Shutting down a computer when it’s not in use cuts the energy consumption by 85%.
  • For every mile walked instead of driven, nearly one pound of pollution is kept out of the air.

It’s amazing how little the things we do help conserve the energy and put back the beauty and healing of the Earth that we live on. If everyone continues doing their part and not just for one day or week, our Earth will be around for much longer than we can imagine!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Declutter, Destress

    Not so fun fact, being surrounded by clutter is proven to cause anxiety and stress. Having doubts? Google 'stress of clutter' and find numerous studies surrounding the effects it has on our mental health.  Even the thought of getting the cleaning started can cause anxiety, stress and depression. Where do we go from here? We learn where to start and how to cope.

    It is proven that the stress hormone, cortisol, is triggered and released when one is surrounded by disorganization. The human brain works in a very organized manner to keep all parts of the human body functioning. When we surround ourselves with constant disorganization, our brain goes into overload trying to process our surroundings which reduces our ability to focus making it difficult to relax both physically and mentally.

   It sounds pretty simple. Get organized, stay organized and we won't have to worry about stress. Ideally, very simple, realistically it can be a little more complicated than we realize to even attempt to think about getting the organization started. Here are some small but helpful tips to get anyone started:

  • Pick a room and try not to bounce from one room to another. If there is more than one person working on the declutter, assign each a room.
  • Make piles of items to keep, recycle, donate, sell or trash. Be mindful and realistic of these items. Do you need the shirt that you may wear but haven't worn in so many years? Is the shirt in good condition to sell or could it be donated? Would the shirt make a better dust cloth? Take your time, think about it.
  • Don't stress about finishing the room chosen in a limited amount of time. Take breaks. Work 15-20 minutes, take a 30-40 minute break. 
  • Acknowledge the newly cleaned space and take credit for the job well done. Appreciate and breath.
    Taking the time to recognize a cluttered home and knowing that your day to day stress are related is one of the first steps to freedom and relaxation. Once you start, you won't want to stop. So feel good again and help make your own difference!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Keep America Beautiful Month

    The month of April is known as Keep America Beautiful Month and it makes sense as it's such a beautiful time with sunshine, budded flowers, green trees and time spent outside! It's easy to enjoy such an amazing time but how do we maintain it? We come together as a community to clean up our beautiful land and experience harmony in doing so!

    The Keep America Beautiful movement was founded by the Girl and Boy Scouts of America alongside Keep America Beautiful, Inc in 1971 and was recognized by one specific day. It soon grew into a week long list of activities in 1982 to further educate people on how to improve the communities they live in. By 1984 it was largely recognized throughout cities across the country calling for a month of activities and programs to continue the common goal of living together in safe and clean neighborhoods. 

    Communities can come together to help continue the movement by reducing waste with repurposing and reusing old items and recycling. Teaching children by example how to practice the prevention of litter is another way to educate and clean up parks and neighborhoods. Planting or potting some flowers around our homes or businesses and cleaning up any left over winter debris will help beautify our communities. 

    There are so many ways to Keep America Beautiful and practice the movement continuously, not just during the month of April. Coming together as a whole community and taking action for our environment will make our country a more beautiful place!

    For more information on the Keep America Beautiful Movement, visit 


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spring Flowers Bring Allergy Powers

                                                                                                                        Photo Courtesy:

    As we head into April 2021, most people are starting to feel the effects of the amazingly potent Texas pollens. If you haven't already noticed the green dust in the air then be prepared for the sight of the invasive soot covering vehicles, taking over decks, patios and even outside pets! It's as if Tinker Bell blew her magic dust all over the city and instead of flying into the air with a blissful smile on your face, you're sneezing in misery until you are out of breath. A bit dramatic, yes, but true. So what do we do from here? We learn what allergies are and take preventative measures.

   Texans are known to suffer all year round with seasonal allergies. If you're from South Texas then you're pretty familiar with mountain cedar beginning as early as December and lasting well into February. Mountain cedar comes from a drought resistant tree known as the Mountain Cedar Tree, which takes over most of central Texas and is the reason for cedar fever. When the northern winter cold fronts start to whirl wind throughout Texas, the high winds carry the mountain cedar through the woods, over the mountains and into everyone's house it blows. Now, that brings us to March through, well, Summer when the grass is greenest producing its own pollens aka Tinker Bell's green dust, next to the oak tree dropping it's pollen pods that look like little green caterpillars, then there is ragweed followed by the summer dust from the dry summer grounds. As beautiful as Texas is, it is potent, that's for sure! Symptoms include but are definitely not limited to so much sneezing, a running nose you'll never catch and a sore throat that has you sounding like you swallowed a frog. Don't feel discouraged, there may not be a full cure, but there is hope.

    Fighting Texas allergies is not a fun task but definitely a fight that must be won. Let's start with allergy medications, mostly over the counter such as:

  • Nasal spray examples- Nasacort, Flonase, Afrin, and Rhinocort
  • Capsule examples- Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Xyzal, Mucinex, Sudafed, etc.
Of course, before starting ANY medications, speak to your doctor. Your doctor is your main health source to feel better and can even prescribe medications or steroids to better heal your symptoms. Moving on from medications and health care, let's talk basic home maintenance. Doing a once a week thorough dusting, sweeping and mopping regime around the house can make a difference for your allergies. Going in and out of your home tracks in pollens from your clothes, shoes and even pets. Keeping a good laundry schedule can reduce the amount of allergens in your home. Pollen and dust get caught in animal fur, so bathing your pets once a week can definitely help both yours and your furry friend's allergies. To help keep the air inside your home clean, use a high MERV rated allergen filter to trap pollens and dust keeping them from spreading through your vents. Air purifiers and humidifiers are another option worth looking into. Air purifiers ventilate a room and humidifiers add moisture to the air allowing for easier breathing and de-congestion. Again, there's hope for every allergy sufferer out there. We just need to stand together and pass a tissue from time to time!

    As killer as Texas allergies can be, you don't have to fall victim. Be aware of what season it is as this will help you identify what pollens are making you feel under the weather. Do your research, talk to your doctor and learn how to take measures that will work best for your own prevention. Be smart and be well Texas!

    No Potty Left Dirty, No Bin Left Full with Great Employees

    As we come to the end of March, we want to say 'thank you' to our Employee of the Month, Ralph Pastrano. Our Bin There Dump That SA and 2 Pees in a Pot team couldn't be more proud to have hard working members like Ralph. We appreciate all you do and continue to do for us! Way to go Ralph!


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Black History Month with 2 Pee's in a Pot


What is Black History Month?

Black History month is an annual celebration of achievements made by African Americans, and a time of recognizing their central role in the U.S History. 

Who started Black History Month? 

Great Question, Carter G. Woodson better known as "Father of Black History" developed Black History Month. Although his parents were enslaved, that didn't stop Woodson from becoming an Author, Historian , and the Second African American to earn a Ph.D at Harvard University. 

Why is February Black History Month?

Woodson chose the Second week of February to coincide with the birthday of Frederick Douglas, a famed abolitionist who escaped slavery. He also wanted it to coincide with Abraham Lincoln since he was the one whom formally abolished slavery.  

Why is Black History Month so important? 

Woodson believed it was important for our younger generations to know about their heritage and indefinitely understand it as well. He felt that " Those whom have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history. " 

How to celebrate Black History Month?

Educate yourself more on not just what Black History Month was about, but also try to get more familiar with people whom played a major role during that time. Ask about truths and if possible question, question question. Try to understand Black History from a Black perspective.

Down below is a list of  iconic people that played an important role in our Black History: 

  • Martin Luther King : (Born: January 15, 1968) was a Baptist Minister and a social rights activist. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of the American civil rights movement. 

  • Rosa Parks (Born: February 4, 1913) was a an American activist in the civil rights movement. She was bets known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott . The congress called her " the mother of freedom movement" .                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • George Washington Carver (Born: January 1, 1864) was an American agricultural scientist and an inventor who promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion. He was the most prominent scientist of the early 20th century.

  • Carter G Woodson (Born: December 19, 1875 )better known as "Father of Black History"  was an American Historian, Author, Journalist, and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. 

  • Frederick Douglas (Born: February 20, 1895) was an American Social reformer, abolitionist, Orator, Writer , and statesman. He was known for escaping slavery in Maryland. Frederick Douglas was a national leader for the abolitionists movement in Massachusetts and New York; that also lead him to become famous for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings. 
The list can definitely go on, but Knowledge is Power! Its great to educate yourself on Black History Month so that you can relate to conversations that may be amongst you this month. You can have more of an understanding of the African American culture, how they overcame hardships and persevered them, and how TODAY they recognize those whom served and played a major role during these times. 

Here at 2 Pee's in a Pot we recognize Black History Month and encourage other to educate themselves in regards to its origin too!

Call us here at 2 Pee's in a Pot (210)951-5151. So you can RSVPee for your Potty❤ 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Spring Cleaning Projects with 2 Pee's


Spring cleaning is underway, and what a better way to start it early then with 2 Pee's on your side.

Maybe your reconstructing your bathroom and you need a place to pee or poo we got the lou for you!

Spring cleaning typically consists of having to move things around, removing unwanted junk as well as possible completely remodeling. In that instance we would love to ensure that your hiney feels like its in its own comfort. 

Here are some fun facts about spring cleaning:

  •  In the Asian Culture the Chinese believed that if you cleaned your house before the new year begins it promotes a more positive outlook for the upcoming year, and will help wipe away any negativity from the year before. 
  • Spring cleaning is very popular more in the western countries due to the celebration of the Pass-over, which is a Jewish tradition. "A long time ago, people of Jewish decent would clean their entire houses to get rid of every little piece of bread that contained the cooking ingredient yeast. This strange tradition comes from when Jews were slaves and could only eat bread without yeast. Many Jewish traditions have become very similar to many other Christian traditions, causing a widespread cause to clean one’s home in the spring. "
  • The average woman cleans for 12,896 hours in her lifetime, And men clean an average of 6,448 hours
  • The majority of household cleaning products ae packed with loads of potentially harmful chemicals that can cause a slew of different problems to your health. The most concerning products are those that contain cancer-causing carcinogens, such as certain laundry detergents that contain formaldehyde, and jewelry cleaners, which often carry the toxic chemical perchloroethylene. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural, harm-free ways to keep your home clean and shiny. Natural ingredients like lemon, cooking oil, vinegar, and baking soda will all get the job done, while keeping your health in check.
Make sure to keep 2 Pee's  in mind when you are doing your Spring cleaning. All of our potties come with a 10 step servicing, 2 ply toilet paper, best ventilation on the market, 2 hooks , a mirror and a hand sanitizing dispenser. Call 210-951-5151 or checkout our website 2 Pees satisfied!!!