Thursday, January 7, 2021



  • ·     Porta potties can be traced back to shipyards all the way from the 1940’s.
  • ·     Using a porta potty at an event conveniently saves 45 billion gallons of water each year.
  • ·     When obama was inaugurated he had over 5000 porta pottys.
  • ·     Porta potty uses less than 90% of water then a regular toilet does.
  • ·     At one point Soft toilet paper wasn’t even a thing until the late 1800’s. Splinter paper didn’t come into existence until 1935.
  • ·     Before flushing portable toilets, chamber pots were the go to. Chamber pots are a small bowl that you can relieve yourself in. Of course they had to be emptied and cleaned out every time they are used, so good thing porta potties were invented.


  • ·     Porta potties have so many different names. Port-a-John, Porta-Potty (American English) , Portaloo (British English) or honey bucket. At one point they were given the name chemical toilet.


Who would of ever known that Portapotties have so much history and still serve us today! One bum at a time!


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