Thursday, November 19, 2020

Elite Trailer or Potty?


Special occasions are typically few and far in between, and we’re here to help keep you and your guest at ease with our Temporary Toilets! Whether it is your Child's 16th Birthday party or your Wedding day we definitely have the right gear for your rear!


Our Deluxe units are perfect for any event, they’re equipped with the best ventilation on the market, a mirror and 2 hooks (perfect for purses or diaper bags) a hand sanitize dispenser and of course 2 ply toilet paper is delivered with each potty. This unit is made 6 inches larger than the normal potty and conveniently has the urinal facing away from the seat to help prevent cross contamination! This is for sure will please your crowd as it is delivered with everything you need for a small gathering!


Our Elite Trailer is a Bad Mama Jama is equipped with all the bells and whistles! Perfect for any Bride for her special day! This is a 4 station restroom trailer and its soft interior colors and spacious floor design will create a wonderful experience for all guests with LED lighting inside and out, Corian counter tops, metered chrome faucets. Our Trailers also offer AM/FM Bluetooth Entertainment package that allows the event planner, bride, or guest of honor to play their choice of music wirelessly from their mobile device into the trailer. Ceiling mounted speakers are out of sight, and provide full, rich sound.

Have your guests minds blown by ordering your temporary Throne for none other than us here at your Local 2 Pees in a Pot!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Spotty Potty?

Not a chance with 2 Pees in a Pot! We’ve got a 10 step cleaning process! This process addresses every aspect inside of the restroom as well as the front of the door. We do this by disinfecting, scrubbing if necessary and a through wipe down to start fresh. We will install air fresheners, 2 rolls of 2 ply toilet paper, replenish the sanitizer liquid and the blue water with 7 gallons every service.

Thank your guest this Thanksgiving by ordering your potty from your local 2 Pees in a Pot! Our potties are a perfect add on to any Fall Festival, you can relax and enjoy your party without having to worry about your potty looking spotty! Our sleek modern units are equipped with the best ventilation offered on the market, a mirror and 2 hooks, and what makes this deal so special is all of our units have hand sanitizer dispensers inside! Our Deluxe option has the urinal facing away from the seat to prevent contamination of the area and is specifically made 6 inches larger than the standard potty. This unit also is delivered with 2 hooks and a mirror.

                                              DELUXE                               SUPREME

Looking for something more spacious or needing an ADA Compliant unit, no worries we got your back with that! Our Luxury unit is not only family friendly and vary spacious for guests with small children it is also wheelchair accessible, while our Supreme is ADA Compliant.

 So when you’re ordering all your Holiday gear, don’t forget about the rears! Call us now to place your order today!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Calling every-potty! Portable restroom do’s and don’ts

 The port-a-potty on site is typically the number one spot for all the number two jobs, and we all know that when we gotta go, we gotta go!  Have you ever waited entirely too long to use the port-a-potty at a family get together, tailgate, back yard BBQ or concert only to open the doors to a dirty portable restroom experience? We’ve got some tips to help keep you and your guests / workers hinny shiny!

1.)    Try leaving the potty in better shape than you found it. When you walk into a clean potty, it’s more of a surprise than you would anticipate; entering into a clean potty helps you feel more sanitary and hopefully your guests will follow suit. If you’re the host, maybe post a sign as to how you would like your potty treated, ex: Please, Only Toilet Paper in the tank or Make sure to sanitize before leaving. Maybe even a: Thank you for helping us keep our potty from looking spotty.

2.)    No Cutting! We all hate the line, some of us end up doing the potty dance but the line is sometimes unavoidable, if you’re the host in this situation ensure you have enough potties to cover the amount of guests at your event. It’s not polite to skip the line all guests should be mind full of each other and the potties at use.

3.)    Get your business done in a timely manner; this will also help with the long line. The restroom is a common area to linger on the phone texting, reading a book or even just getting away from the crowd for a bit, but this isn’t the case for a portable restroom. Be courteous to others by getting in keeping it clean and ready for the next user.

Here at 2 Pees in a Pot we offer a 10 step servicing that addresses every aspect inside and outside the potty including the front door. Following the steps above will most definitely help maintain the integrity of your potty in between services.