Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Where’s the potty at?

The season for Holiday cheer, is finally here!

When it comes to get togethers and parties it’s always important to consider the restroom situation. There is nothing worse than the line for the restroom. 2 Pees in a Pot can take care of all your temporary toilet needs, but first let’s help figure out what you’ll need for your upcoming event!

How many potties do you need? A lot of factors can apply when making the decision of how many temporary toilets you’ll need.
  • -         Type of event
  • -         How many people are attending the event?
  • -         Will there be food and alcohol provided?
  • -         What is the duration of the event?

Consider what type of temporary toilets and other options you may need.
  • -         Deluxe
  • -         Supreme (ADA Compliant & family friendly)
  • -         Luxury (Family friendly)
  • -         Elite Trailer
  • -         Wash station
  • -         Sanitizing station

There are several options to choose from when it comes to picking the right port-a-potty, large events that will host 100 -150 people are recommended to rent 4 potties. 500 + with food and beverages, the recommended amount is 6 potties. But what type? Our deluxe is perfect for the starting point of the orders. This is also where the questions up top come to play; do you need ADA compliant options? Will this be a family friendly event with children? If it is an outdoor event, wash stations around the perimeter would be a great idea to keep all hands on deck clean!

Only thing left to do is contact us to get this order placed and enjoy your party!