Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Are You Ready for Leaf Clean Up?

Fall is right around the corner and living in lovely San Antonio, you probably have some kind of massive tree in your yard or your neighbor’s yard getting ready to drop all its leaves for the season. Do you have a game plan ready? Don’t worry if you don’t, we can definitely help!

Consider how many times this season you want to gather all your leaves for disposal. Don’t wait until there’s too much to handle and it’s overwhelming but don’t do it too early that you’ll have leaves quickly flying around too soon after your first disposal.  

Choose your leaf gathering weapon, I mean tool. What is your preference? Leaf blower (easiest), rake (old fashioned labor) or bulldozer (dramatic joke)? You’ll also want to take the time to think about how you’re going to pile the leaves and in what kind of disposal mode. There’s the classic leaf heavy duty trash bag, the dumpster bags from one of your local tool stores or, our favorite, a small roll of dumpster. We recommend the disposal type to be considered on how big of a job you have going.

In San Antonio, if you have too many bags for your organic bin, you can always call 311 to schedule up to two leaf pickups outside of your collection days at no charge each fiscal year and only $20 per collection after the two free pickups. If you use this service, leaves must be placed in boxes or paper bags (no more than 50 of each) and left at the curb. Absolutely no plastic bags.

With so many resources provided, we hope your leaf cleanup goes smooth this Fall season and don’t forget our last recommendation of Bin There Dump That San Antonio. They are always only a phone call away, 210-441-2121.