Friday, December 18, 2020

How dirty is the Loo?

Happy Fri-YAY everybody! 

Studies from 2018 show that a single person would yield about 320 lbs of waste a year and out of a poll of 2,500 people it’s been revealed that going to the toilet accounts for the biggest chunk of time spent resulting into the “average time” of 1 hour and 42 minutes a week! That’s 92 days over a lifetime equaling 2208 hours! WOW

Now that we know how popular the loo is to the average Joe, let’s talk about sanitation. Did you know that the average toilet seat is covered in about 295 bacterial germs per square inch! Don’t forget the lever to flush your slush; a flushing lever can be home to as much as 83 bacterial germs.

You should also beware that when you flush, the toilet creates “Toilet Plume” also known as bacterial mist this is made of microscopic particles of pee and poop and whatever else is in the bowl prior to the flushing. This Toilet Plume can linger for up to 6 hours coating surfaces and regular bathroom toiletries including your toothbrush! (May be a good time to get you a toothbrush cover!)

So next time you’re in the Loo; doing the doo make sure to flush with the seat down! This is the easiest way to help avoid the spread of bacteria coating the surfaces of your restroom. You could hold your breath when you flush but its best to just ensure the toilet bowl remains clean and that you wash your hands immediately after using the bathroom.

Surprisingly enough, the pot is not the dirtiest spot in your home; can you guess what it is? 

The kitchen, home of the dish sponge!

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