Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Two Pee's In A Pot, is set apart from the rest because we value our customers. We believe in  100% customer satisfaction, and we always look forward to making your #2 our #1 priority. 

What also sets us apart is our Spacious and convenient Pots. From the sizes , to the way that we care and service them, it definitely sets our standard. 

ALL of  our  units are built 6 inches bigger the norm. We do that to ensure that our customers  can fit comfortably in the porta-potty, and so that they aren't losing any elbow space. We also take extra precautions on sanitizing and disinfecting our units; that is our 10 step cleaning process that is followed EVERY time.  We want to ensure that your hiney is always shiny and  treated with respect so we provide two ply toilet paper, I mean who can say no to that?? 

For the convenience of the customer, as well as the event you may be covering or even project. We don't just offer one size of Pots, we have 4 different options, and each one is unique. 

Our Deluxe is great for small events because of its spacious and very modern look. It comes with 2 hooks, a mirror,sanitizing applicator and of course 2 ply toilet paper that is lockable. 

Our Luxury/Supreme are similar in the sense that they are both very spacious and wheelchair accessible. They have no ledges so that no dust can be collected which prevents contamination. 

And last but not least our Elite Trailer  is off the chain. It is loaded with A/c and heating unit , an AM/FM radio, Four separate bathroom units (2 for the women) and for the men they have a urinal option or a normal potty. The best part is you get to keep your hands clean, our potties are hands free. 

So when your thinking of your behind , keep us in mind!!! 

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