Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Benefits of Renting Locally



    There are over dozens of portable toilet rental services in San Antonio, but how many are actually locally owned and operated by a family and employees already living in the in city? It should be comforting to know that the business you're trusting with your potty needs for a construction project, at your home because of a plumbing issue, or even for a great party or event you're hosting. We'll give you 4 good reasons why it's better to rent local.

    Having employees that are familiar with the city you are renting in helps ensure that they can give you the best idea of delivery time and are familiar with the areas in which you need your rental. You can depend on the delivery drivers to also be familiar with any possible back roads in the case of traffic or real time updates as to when your rental will arrive or be serviced for your convenience.

    The possibility of same day service is always an option! Depending on the schedule for the day or man power, there's always the ability to "squeeze one more on" throughout the day. With a driver on the road and customer service readily available to dispatch, the driver might be passing your area anyways making it possible to service or deliver your potty.

    The chance to build a relationship with the 2 Pees In A Pot family. It's always fun to get to know the company you're trusting with your "personal business". Working with a locally owned small business gives you the comfort of familiar voices and faces of those who are going to answer your call or deliver and service your potty.

    There's a home office you can actually visit if there is ever the necessity to. Not that you'd ever want to go see where the potties are set up, but if you do ever need to see a person face to face, you can. 

    With just a few reasons why to rent locally and support a small business to benefit just you alone, there are other reasons including benefitting your local economy, helping provide jobs to your fellow citizens and helping a business grow.


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