Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Contractors and 2 Pees In A Pot


In San Antonio, you can bet that you’ve seen our portable toilets with the happy pees on all four sides nicely placed in a driveway or job site. You can also bet that most of these renters are contractors who rely on and choose our clean portable toilets over some of the larger companies.

Here are some of the qualities why they choose our service:

Quick Delivery Time: 2 Pees In A Pot goes above and beyond to accommodate all our renters in a timely manner. There are even occasions we can get a portable toilet to a job site the same day and if not the same day, then usually within 24 hours.

12 Step Clean and Sanitizing Process: Whether the rental is at an event, in a driveway or on a job site, our Delivery Experts have a 12 step process to make sure our toilets are clean, stocked with hand sanitizer, have more than enough blue fluids in the pot and smell amazing!

Live Consultants: 2 Pees In A Pot does not shy away from great and prompt customer service. Consultants are phone, email and text ready to answer requests during business hours. Don’t expect to have to leave a voicemail!

No Mess Potty Removal: The last step of our delivery service is the cleaning behind the portable toilet. We take everything we left behind with us and there's never a sign there was even a highly used potty on site!

Potty Placement Requests: Some projects may have a compact area or special request for placement and our delivery experts can maneuver our compact trucks with the potties to accommodate the requested placement.

Contractors rely on 2 Pees In A Pot’s qualities for their dependable and quick service to help them get their dooty done while on duty!

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