Thursday, June 30, 2022

Firework Safety and Fourth of July


    It's time to celebrate our independence in the best way America knows how, fireworks, picnics, community parties, fireworks, BBQs, fireworks, and more fireworks. 

    Although beautiful and the perfect way to show our true patriot love, in the city limits of San Antonio, it is illegal to pop fireworks unless it is an authorized and controlled event brought to production by the city of San Antonio. Most personal shows take place in the hill country of areas on properties. This year, hill country towns are having to cancel and postpone the fireworks celebrations due to the dry weather causing safety issues due to potential fire hazards.

    The city of Boerne has cancelled it's fireworks display because of the lack of rain causing too dry of conditions to safely ignite the sky with a beautiful display. With the burn ban in effect, they do not want to put the city or surrounding areas at risk of fire.

    The city of Fredericksburg has chose a postponed route. The city will reschedule the fireworks display within the next 6 months when it is not so dry and there is more fire, EMS and safety staff to help control the area.

    For more information on firework safety and where to safely watch fireworks, visit your cities website that will provide the best information.

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