Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bexar County Recycling

Have you been receiving yellow warning notices on your recycling containers or noticed the trash bin inspector rolling through your neighborhood checking your bins? Yes, Bexar County is cracking down on recycling and trash. To know in more detail what can and cannot be disposed of in your weekly waste bins, visit the website for waste management rules.

What can be recycled? Recycled materials include paper, plastic, metal and glass. These items are limited and have to be thrown in the BLUE recycle bin loose. They cannot be in the blue plastic recycling bags. The recycling bags can be recycled in the bin but cannot contain recycled items. 

What cannot be recycled? Non recycling items include the following and must be disposed of in the black waste bin or the green waste bin: diapers, styrofoam, hard plastics, toys, shredded paper, garden hoses, aluminum foil, clothes hangers, wood or yard waste, etc. for a full list, visit the website. 

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