Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Truth About the Blue

     Every portable toilet has it, the blue stuff. Over dramatic commercials or comedy skits show a portable toilet exploding or falling over and the blue stuff all over the patron inside. So what is it? 

    Keep in mind that a portable toilet does not flush, so there has to be an alternative to keep the bodily fluids and solids at a sanitary and deodorized tolerable level over the period of time until the portable toilet is to be serviced next. The blue liquid does just that, keeps the toilet sanitized and deodorized.

    The blue liquid is the updated and improved alternative to the past use of formaldehyde. There are some instances where a formaldehyde based deodorizer is used but most portable toilet services have turned to  more biodegradable and environmentally friendly formulas. These newer formulas even have beneficial enzymes and microbes that feed off the bacteria left behind by patrons, causing odors to diminish. There are also formulas that help decompose the matters left behind in the liquid much faster causing less trips for the toilets to be serviced.

    The next time you're using a portable toilet and see the blue liquid, remember that it is always hard at work with a purpose to make your potty usage more pleasant!

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