Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Keep America Beautiful Month

    The month of April is known as Keep America Beautiful Month and it makes sense as it's such a beautiful time with sunshine, budded flowers, green trees and time spent outside! It's easy to enjoy such an amazing time but how do we maintain it? We come together as a community to clean up our beautiful land and experience harmony in doing so!

    The Keep America Beautiful movement was founded by the Girl and Boy Scouts of America alongside Keep America Beautiful, Inc in 1971 and was recognized by one specific day. It soon grew into a week long list of activities in 1982 to further educate people on how to improve the communities they live in. By 1984 it was largely recognized throughout cities across the country calling for a month of activities and programs to continue the common goal of living together in safe and clean neighborhoods. 

    Communities can come together to help continue the movement by reducing waste with repurposing and reusing old items and recycling. Teaching children by example how to practice the prevention of litter is another way to educate and clean up parks and neighborhoods. Planting or potting some flowers around our homes or businesses and cleaning up any left over winter debris will help beautify our communities. 

    There are so many ways to Keep America Beautiful and practice the movement continuously, not just during the month of April. Coming together as a whole community and taking action for our environment will make our country a more beautiful place!

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