Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Horror of Roots and Pipes


    Have you ever had to deal with the torment of roots in your residential or commercial properties? As much as trees are aesthetically pleasing, they can often wreak havoc on lawns, sewage and water pipes, and even foundations. The bigger the tree and the more trees on a property, the more complex the root systems for the trees are. 

    Complex root systems need to find water to keep the trees above ground growing and healthy. The root systems can sense the humidity caused by pipe cracks and leaks underground and easily enter them. If left untreated, which most are until it's too late, the roots can seriously threaten your sewer system and property.

    A few signs to look for when it comes to pipes damaged by roots are slow emptying drains which can be noticeable when your toilet starts gurgling or drains very slowly when it's flushed. Toilet backups are another noticeable sign that there are roots in your pipes. If you ever smell rotten eggs or any other bad odors outside or even inside your property, then that can be damaged pipes.

    Seeking professional help can sometimes be the only help you can get if the roots have caused extensive damage to your property or pipes. If your toilet backs up, then you can always call on your favorite portable toilet rental company, 2 Pees in A Pot to help. If your plumber or contractor needs a dumpster, we can gladly recommend a company to help them out! 

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