Thursday, July 21, 2022

Water Safety Post Disaster


    Not all water is the same, especially after a disaster such as flooding, freezing or any other kind of natural disaster. Water can become contaminated after a natural disaster and the CDC has laid out some specific guidelines on how to avoid drinking or using any bacteria filled or other contaminated water.
     If water in your area has been considered contaminated or unsafe in anyway, the quickest resolution would be to use any bottled water, if possible. Avoid using unsafe water for drinking, washing dishes or clothes, bathing, brushing teeth or preparing food, ice or even baby formula. Always check your local emergency channels for any updates on your water and how to boil your water to make it safe.
    Boiling water is the best way to ensure the water is safe from bacteria and germs. You can even filter the cloudy water post boiling by pouring it through a paper towel or coffee filter. There are times when boiling water will not disinfect it and that is usually if the water contains any toxins or fuels, this is usually the only time that bottled water is the only solution. 
    If you're ever in an area that has been declared a disaster, always remember to check your local emergency channels or with officials as to the status of your water.

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