Thursday, June 2, 2022

Summer Cleaning Can Happen So Fast

  Summer is here and school is out, look no further than your own home to keep the kids busy and your home running in great condition. There are at least ten easy maintenances that can be done around your home and are perfect for the kids to earn money or have a reason to get up on schedule this summer without hearing their cries of boredom.

    Teaching the kids how to clean and replace the air conditioner filter should be one of the most important items they can keep up with. Whether using the every 3 month filters or a monthly filter, changing it out can help prolong the life of your AC unit by avoiding any dust or dirt clogging.

    Going back to dust, showing the kids how to clean the ceiling fans and to reverse the fan to counterclockwise will help keep those pesky allergies at rest and keep the house cool.
    The summer usually calls for some early bright sun and wonderful daily natural light. Why not add window washing to the list of chores? It will also give the kids something fun to do with water and keep cool while they do it!
    Bacteria grows faster in hotter climates, even in the refrigerator, so it's not a bad idea to get the fridge cleaned out. Using an antibacterial soap and water is great for the surfaces, as well as getting all the expired or moldy foods out of the fridge to avoid any salmonella like bacteria from infesting the good food.
    After the fridge, might as well get them to get in the freezer also and it will keep them cool in the process. If there is any ice buildup along the freezer walls, it's a good idea to chip it away with a little hot water and something to scrape it with. Look for any freezer burned items to throw out and clean any ice cube trays.
    In Summer months, food tends to spoil faster and the smells tend to be stronger longer, so moving onto the garbage disposal or drain wouldn't be bad idea. There are good cleaners at the store or use some vinegar and baking soda and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse with boiling hot water. Doing so every two weeks can help keep the disposal and drain clean longer.
    Add sweeping and counter cleaning daily to the list as this will help keep any food searching bugs from posting camp in your house. Cleaning the counters every night and then sweeping the crumbs up right after will be a new found habit that will help keep your home clean and bug free! Mopping once a week can also help keep your floors clean, dust or mud from building up and any bacteria or germs from the outside out.
    If you use a water hose or outdoor faucet during the Summer months, it's the perfect time to have the kids check for leaks. Make it fun with an outdoor splash day and if leaks are discovered, they can be temporarily and easily fixed with water-proof gardening tape.
    Summer doesn't have to be boring for the kids and can give them a chance to earn a little extra money! Teaching them some basic house maintenance can be good for them and you in the long run to keep the house running smoothly and less time and money on costly home repairs.

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