Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Earth Saving

Protecting our seems like it can be too big a job, but all the little things that everybody could do and pitch in can add up to make a difference for our Earth. Some small steps to begin with are recycle more and use more reusable cups and straws, don’t throw harsh chemicals into the water system, use long lasting light bulbs, try to drive less, try to conserve water and volunteer at cleanup events.

Recycling can seem to be a tedious chore but when you’re really careful about it and know what items can be recycled to make into new items to be used again or in another form, it can be a second nature. The less trash we throw away into our landfills creating mountains of debris buried in our soil helps from causing hazardous waste where we grow a lot of our food. Ways to recycle include using reusable cups and reusable straws. You see it all the time with ads on saving the turtles by using reusable straws or no straws at all, as most of the straws we use end up in the ocean and affecting not just turtles but all sea creatures. This can be dangerous for people too since the sea contains a lot of our food for survival. And not only our survival but survival for land animals that also use our seas and waters for food.

Long lasting light bulbs are beneficial in the sense that we’re not throwing away constantly burned out bulbs in the trash but also helps to conserve the energy used. Conserving energy helps to efficiently run not only our homes but other important businesses such as hospitals, jails, schools, super markets and factories. The power grid can be a very sensitive operation and taking care of it the best we can with the use of solar panels or longer lasting light bulbs can help conserve the energy we need.

Driving less can prove to be a heartache responsibility but also proves to be an efficient way to save our air quality. A lot of state inspections do include emissions tests but a lot of states don’t and bad omissions going in the air and gas usage all causes stress and pollution to our earth's atmosphere. At some point it’s going to be very hard to breathe our air and sustain our plant life.

One of the easiest ways to help with our earth's pollution crisis is to join a volunteer cleanup group with your friends, family or local community users and do the little things like pick up trash, plant some trees, clean up the beaches and even teach others about the importance of recycling.

The earth is our responsibility and there are so many ways we can continue to protect it from the harm of everyday living. It’s a tough job but if we were able to all work together we could definitely keep our earth the cleanest place that we want to live.

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