Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Communicating with Technology

    Running a business on and off the road can be trying and the importance of communication is a high priority. We believe in safety for our drivers and thankfully technology has been on our side to help our drivers utilize phone calls through bluetooth and handsfree or when they come to a parked stop, they can use their tablets or phones to utilize the driver log to access messages left from our dispatchers. 

    Our dispatchers know that our drivers are busy enough and the importance of detailed messages to keep them moving post each delivery or removal is essential and the less time they have to be on their devices or stopped, the happier our customers are and the more efficiently they are taken care of! 

    Our training process for both dispatchers and drivers includes communication skills. Trying to keep our employees updated on the highest levels of how to communicate is key for a smooth running delivery business!

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