Thursday, September 23, 2021

Where does porta potty waste go?

    Working with used portable toilet water is what it sounds like, human waste mixed with the blue water. How is the porta potty cleaned? Where does it go? How is it transported? It's a process to keep your water system clean and avoid waste from spewing out of the toilet itself.

    To avoid a porta potty from overflowing, most companies set up a schedule from removing the porta potty or to clean and empty the porta potty of collected waste. A vacuum truck is sent out that has a big tank on the back with powerful hoses that hook up to the toilet and suction out the water. The tank also hold fresh water that is then poured into the potty. Once the water is cleaned, the portable toilet itself is usually wiped down or power washed and sanitized, the toilet paper is replenished and adding some kind of deodorizer and hand sanitizer, if they contain a dispenser, to complete the process.

    Once the portable toilet is cleaned, the vacuum truck can now make its way to it's local authorized sanitation cleaning facility. The facility will empty the truck's tank and run the water through a separation process of the waste from the actual water. The water will then be cleaned, tested and recycled back to the water supply.

    The team work it takes from the portable toilet rental company and the sanitation facility is important to make sure that all waste is handled safely and efficiently to avoid any illnesses or harm to the community. Being able to have a comfortable place to handle business while at an event is also important and the only way to do this is to continue providing the best cleaning process all around!

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