Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sanitation Station

    Returning to normalcy from a year and a half of quarantine and Covid policies is a relief but we're not completely safe yet! Don't forget the importance of continuous sanitation, which is an always policy. At 2 Pees in a Pot, we know the importance of sanitation and not spreading germs, especially after using the restroom or one of our wonderful and clean portable toilet rentals. 

    We offer wash station rentals equipped with paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer. We just hook it up to the closest water hose and you pump the water out of the faucet with a foot pedal. This helps you stay completely hands free post hand washing!

    Our toilet rentals come equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and are sanitized once dropped off. Our drivers make sure the toilet rental is completely wiped down with sanitizing product and ensure the sanitizer dispenser is filled with hand sanitizer, along with fresh rolls of toilet paper.

    The Elite Trailer rental is a gorgeous four stall restroom, two stalls for men and women, with wood floors, mirror, decor and running water for the soap provider. This rental is also sanitized with drop off by our driver and is a perfect rental for weddings, or elegant event!

    2 Pees in a Pot guarantees sanitized rentals before, during and after Covid policies begin to lift. We want nothing more than our customers and people all over to stay safe and healthy! 

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