Thursday, October 1, 2020

Halloween 2020 Block Party!

Let’s “creep” it real, 2020 has not been the year of all years! It has however, had us thinking outside the box when it comes to celebrations and holidays! Have you been to a drive-by baby shower or birthday party or maybe even hosted your own birthday parade this year?! Super fun and cute way to make sure no one feels left out because of these uncontrollable circumstances, also what a great story to tell when you’re older! Imagine hearing someone say “Well I had a parade for my Birthday in 2020!”  See what I mean? We’ll we’ve got a way to keep the distance and treat the kiddos to some outdoor fun this Halloween!


A block party is essentially a street party orchestrated by the residents of a city block or neighborhood. It’s early October, if you have an HOA call and inquire about a block party for Halloween! If they ask what you have in mind ensure that it is definitely within CDC guidelines and possible to stay 6 feet apart from each family and if your kiddos are anything like my Spider-Man loving 4 year old or my Fortnite loving 9 year old they'll be prepared with a mask already! To make things easy for the neighborhood, delegate tasks! This will ensure no mixture of germs from house to house. For example, to bring some fun to the party have a karaoke station where someone cleans the microphone off after each turn and have 5 dancers at a time do a dance off for a fun and spooky treat! Home owners can keep their distance in their front yards and BBQ in the front for dinner and pass out store bought drinks. You can also keep your candy bowl full and place them at the nearest side walk.

Potties on the corner of the streets along with wash stations are a wonderful idea to keep the block healthy and sanitary! Call to receive your free quote today or place your order! I can assure you there’s nothing spooky about our potties! 210-951-5151

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