Thursday, April 2, 2020

Staying social during social distancing!

While there are a lot of people that are living for social distancing some people are lacking the interaction we all take for granted in our everyday life. While practicing social distancing we are helping slow the spread of COVID-19 so it is very important to take the guidance given by the ones in charge of your area. We’ve come up with some way to stay social during social distancing!

  • ·        It’s year 2020 a lot of us are prone to using social media! During a time like this those outlets are thriving! Now is the time to utilize things like video chat, face book, twitter, snapchat, and instagram! Schedule a time to call your friends and family to catch up! These tools not only keep you in touch with your family and friends, they also keep you in the know for all updated important news!
  • ·        Exercise! Many health gurus have started virtual classes to help the gym goers stay motivated! If you enjoy exercising at your own pace try taking this time to talk a stroll or run in the neighborhood!
  • ·        Actually hang out with your family / roommates. When was the last time you had free time to allot to the ones you wanted to spend your precious time with? Take advantage of the time at home and do things you don’t normally have the chance to enjoy. Pick a project or game the whole family can put their hands on like a puzzle, or planting a garden.
  • ·        If your practicing social distancing and still working at the office or at home, think of ways that keep your business / home within the social distancing guidelines and how you can prevent spreading germs and bacteria. Maybe a portable toilet outside the building would benefit keeping outsiders from using the facilities inside.

So stay social, and if you decide to get your creative juice flowing, share your ideas with us! Follow us on social media and #2PIAP or #BTDTSA if all your social distancing projects!

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